Job Posting :Coordinator of Baseball Officials

As GRAC/Region 24/District 16 administrators, we expect the umpires who work the conference to exemplify the highest level of professionalism.  The coordinator of umpires should understand that GRAC - Region 24 men's teams compete at a highly competitive NJCAA level.  Umpires must not only meet this high level of professionalism, they should also continue to improve as umpires.

The teams included in the GRAC/Region 24/District 16:

 *   Frontier
 *   John A. Logan
 *   Kaskaskia
 *   Lake Land
 *   Lincoln Trail
 *   Olney Central
 *   Rend Lake
 *   Shawnee
 *   Southeastern IL
 *   Southwestern IL
 *   Wabash Valley

The position of Baseball Coordinator of umpires will be evaluated annually at the spring meeting of the athletics directors.  Additionally, every two years, the position will be opened for proposal and the Executive committee will accept proposals from qualified applicants and make a recommendation to the athletics directors, who will make the final decision.

Expectations for the GRAC/Region 24/District 16 Coordinator of Umpires includes:
1.              Work with each of the coaches and athletics directors under the direct supervision of the Region Director, Assistant Director and/or Sport Advisor.
2.              Collecting schedules from each GRAC/Region 24/District 16 institutions, creating a Master GRAC/Region 24/District 16 schedule.
3.              Making game assignments for all conference and non-conference games
a.              Evaluating umpires during the season in anticipation of selection for post season regional tournament.
b.              Develop and implement a comprehensive evaluation protocol that includes aggregate data from coordinator of umpires, site evaluators, and peer reviews and coaches evaluations.
c.              Establish a standard form to be used for evaluating umpires and a system to collect this data to help establish the region list of umpires and establish the list of umpires for possible post-season tournament selection.  Be prepared to show umpires rankings and evaluation totals with GRAC AD's at the Spring GRAC/Region 24/District 16 meetings.
d.           Based on these evaluations, recommend a list of top officials to the regional directors and sport advisors for post season assignment.
f.              Tournament Umpires should have worked GRAC games on a regular basis prior to the tournament.
5.     Set procedures for establishing a GRAC/Region 24/District 16 core of umpires. (Communicate with local boards, associations, umpires, coaches and AD's to establish an appropriate list).

 1.  Acceptance of new officials which would at least include:
    *                                                                 i.      Application form and procedure
    *                                                               ii.      Qualifying standards to be met
    *                                                             iii.      Attendance at established college umpire camps where the coordinator can observe and work with the umpires.
 2.  Evaluate umpires as to whether an umpire should be retained or deleted from the GRAC/Region 24/District 16 list.
6.              Establish and implement procedures to:
a.     Establish a list of acceptable umpire camps/training where GRAC/Region 24/District 16 umpires would go on a regular basis so they can work to improve their techniques, mechanics, etc.
b.     Establish training programs for veteran and new umpires during the off-season scrimmages.
c.   Coordinate and assist teams in the preseason with scrimmage games by assigning umpires to work these events.

As the Coordinator of Umpires, become involved personally in watching and evaluating umpires during the season and throughout the region's post-season games.

 1.  Make sure appropriate verbal and written comments are given to the umpires that will produce change, improvement, etc.
 2.  Keep umpires, evaluators, coaches and administrators updated on rules and technique information.  Make sure GRAC/Region 24/District 16 concerns are communicated to everyone and handled in a timely and appropriate manner.
 3.  Handle the disciplining of umpires if necessary. Discipline will range from warning to termination.
 4.  Work with the Region Director on the post-season tournament selection process of umpires.  It is recommended that they function as a "non-working" umpire at the tournament by overseeing the umpires, the tournament responsibilities for umpires, evaluating their performance, working with Region Director/Sport Advisor on umpires assessments throughout the tournament and making sure everything is handled appropriately for umpires during the tournament, etc.  If they actively work in the post-season tournament, they need to designate another umpire to be in attendance at the game(s) as the coordinator to handle observation (evaluation), work with crew duties, and be available to handle issues and protests.
 5.  Travel and rotate umpires effectively throughout the region.
 6.  Serve as the conference "rule interpreter" (Communicate with the NCAA and NJCAA office if necessary).
 7.  Coordinators of umpires will join the Sports Chair/ Region Directors/Assistant Directors and coaches in a preseason conference call to discuss rule changes, and procedures for the upcoming year.
Please send resume to Mike Carpenter, GRAC President at